Vishvamitra poorNa kaNa (Higgs Boson) confirms the affirmations of the ecclesiastical Vedic philosophy

There couldn't possibly be a starker symbolism for such profuse vanity than the jubilation of the western world and their Indian compatriots after the 'discovery' of the Higgs Boson, emphatically called the God particle. As always, the blindness which has remained in the cultural roots of that civilization came out in open. But I would personally blame fellow Hindus for remaining ignorant about the sublime philosophy and highest level of mathematical sophistication that our Vedic civilization had achieved long ago. How else could we explain this phenomena of re-invention of wheel? Does it surprise you, O fellow Indian, that Higgs Boson, the name of which should have been Vishvamitra poorNa kaNa, was already mentioned in Rig Veda, the 10000 or more year old sacred philosophic and scientific text?

Let us begin with the very first verses of Rig Veda.

"agním īḷe puróhitaṃ"

The Indologist conspirators and the Macualay-Marxist traitors among our country men had long interpreted this as "Agni I invoke, the housepriest". Every self-respecting Hindu should take this profane interpretation as an insult to our great civilization. In fact, the term agním should be interpreted taking into consideration the word aagneya which, is the direction of fire and one of the eight directions - the aShta digs. So are they referring to fire or the priest here? No, but the Western science discovered the eight-fold symmetry in the subatomic particles only after the American physicist Murray Gell-Mann, which he wrongly attributed to Buddhist eight-fold path. In fact, the subatomic symmetry was clearly known to our forefathers 10000 years ago. So agni is one of the directions of symmetry.

If we look closely at the next word puróhitaṃ, which again is misinterpreted as priest by the arrogant Europeans and ignorant Indians, it is the combination of pu and róhita, the former of which represent the ultimate masculine (or energy based) and the later points to the first rays or the red colour. It is not talking about a male who worships or performs in fire (red) but the source of all the cosmic radiations at the lowest range in the visible spectrum.

Reading together what we find is the ultimate subatomic symmetry and the source at the lowest scale or the fundamental explanation for matter. Now have a look at the word īḷe which again is misinterpreted by these anti-Indians as just a combining verb. īḷe means the missing link or the one which is not easily detectable. They even ignore the fact that in many Sanskrit abundant languages like Malayalam this word has a softened version ile, meaning 'not there'. Clearly, they couldn't have missed that Rig Veda starts with the mention of what these people today know as Higgs Boson. Surprised!

We could attribute these false interpretations to their lack of knowledge in spiritual matters and lack of depth in their philosophy, but how could they miss out the starting verses of Isha Upanishad:

Purnamadah Purnamidam
Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya
Purnameva Vashishyate
Om shanti, shanti, shanti"

The infinity we are talking about is the universe and shanti, the basic unit which is missing cannot be anything but the so-called Higgs Boson. So let us take pride in our great civilization and achievements. Be a proud Hindu and say it aloud that we knew about Quantum Mechanics, particle physics, eight-fold symmetry, relativity, string theory and even Higgs Boson much before you people began to understand the laws of mechanics. We should rename this as 'Vishvamitra poorNa kaNa' giving credit to the author of the hymn or at least as 'Vyasa Boson' and start an online petition immediately. Every patriotic Hindu who respects his culture and its achievements should share this.

Jai Hind.

Vande Maataram (three times)

Yours sincerely

Proud I-net Bharateeya

  • Edit 1: The actual name of this should have been 'Vishvamitra poorNa kaNa' which has been added to the title after a suggestion from a fellow Bhaarateeya. But even Vyasa Boson could be acceptable in the worse case although it will not be accurate.
  • PS: If people do not understand what tongue in cheek means, it is not my problem. ;)
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