This editorial policy lays out the guidelines for editorial team


  • BodhiCommons will publish or link to content that is relevant to its goal of promoting left-progressive politics in Kerala and outside.
  • Bodhi editorial team reserves the right not to publish any content that does not fit its objectives. In all circumstances, the editorial decisions will err on the side of according a submission the benefit of doubt when it's appropriateness, quality and/or intention are questioned.
  • Editorial reviews and decisions are made by a team of volunteers exercising their judgement in a collective setting. We face constraints and limitations in terms of time, resources and subject matter knowledge, indeed makes it normal for errors and lapses.
  • The editorial decisions can be appealed by interested parties by sending an email. A full review will be conducted at the next available opportunity to review the decision under question and the result will be communicated.
  • Any content available on BodhiCommons - either hosted on BodhiCommons severs original or linked to - should be considered the personal opinion of the respective author(s) unless explcitly stated otherwise.
  • Even when content is published on BodhiCommons after going through the editorial process - it does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the content or viewpoints of the author(s).

Editorial opinion

  • Any content that is produced on behalf of the Editorial team as editorial opinion will be explicitly labeled and tagged as Editorial.
  • Editorial content need not be the individual opinion of any particular member(s) of the editorial board - it represents the collective opinion of the editorial team as decided by democratic means.


  • BodhiCommons will publish comments that are both relevant in the said context and follow basic social-behavioral norms and netiquette.
  • Comments submitted by readers are published by default. Comments that are offensive, abusive or disruptive will be moderated and the relevant users may be cautioned or banned from posting further comments. Concerns regarding comments can be addressed to the editorial team.


  • BodhiCommons will not carry content such as advertisements, paid news, etc. in return for commercial support.

Licensing policy

  • In line with our mission, we will strive to make the content available on BodhiCommons under copyleft licenses. The editorial team recommends "Creative Commons - Attribution - Shared Alike Version 2" with rights attribution to author(s).

  • We will make every effort to respect and enforce the rights of the copyright owners. If you notice any violations where content on BodhiCommons is found to contradict the terms of licening and/or Fair Use provisions, please report them to the editorial team.