Vox populi, vox dei #OCCUPYWALLSTREET

"We are not dreamers, we are awakening from a dream which is turning into a nightmare. We are not destroying anything, we are merely witness to how the system is gradually destroying itself." - Slavoj Zizek. A photo essay on Occupy Wall street Protest.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-1 On the first day of Occupy Wall street protests, not more than a 500 large crowd assembled at the Financial district in Manhattan.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-2 The slogans were disparate from Corporate greed to stopping the execution of Troy Davis in Atlanta.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-3 But there was a general sense of agreement that things are going wrong.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-4 The crowd marched to the nearest Zuccotti park as the police closed down the road to the Wall street.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-5 The most amazing part of the occupation has been that it started off as a leaderless movement and it continue to grow so, but the feeling of 99% bind them together.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-6 Twenty days later these non violent protests have spread to the other cities and thousands have joined since then. Mainstream media could not stop, but hear their voice.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-7 Zuccotti park has turned the main hub of activities, a strong commune sharing responsibilities and planning future course of activities.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-8 Wall street has been occupied beyond doubt and the messages more cohesive than ever before.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-9 Its now about attracting more of those voiceless 99% and give them a common ground to stand.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET-10 With lots of R-evol-utionary love ~ From Zuccotti park!

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