Caesar's sport

Caesar was one of the early generation computer game, where you play role of a provincial governor of Roman empire; with simple goals to build a Roman city,foster farming, trade and industry, amass money and resources, please your imperialist masters and spread the glory of the empire; do this for all levels and you have built your Eternal city and crowned as Caesar. All this would have been easy if you had infinite supply of money or money making resources and gods were always happy. So you build an army to lookout for treasure and loots and build temples to propitiate gods who will shower prosperity and wealth to the city. Slaves who build your city complain and riot if you don’t keep them happy. So you build theatres, arenas and coliseums to keep them entertained. It will be naive but never a stretch, one wonders, if same canvas can be used to portray Indian Premier League (IPL) as you witness the provincial governors of new world imperialism outbidding each other to put up a show to entertain the slaves who will build Eternal City for them and eventually crown them as Caesar.

Nevertheless, just from the Crickets perspective, on or around April 2008, the character of it changed. For purists it is visible in the difference when you image search in google for “IPL” and “Ashes”. For some its a welcome revolution in cricket.

Mihr Bose, BBC Sports Editor

In a sense, the Indian Premier League has done for cricket what the Premier League in England has done for club football except that, in the Indian fashion, it has been done like a popular yogic exercise where you stand on your head

Ramachandra Guha, the most prominent Cricket historian, calls it serving of local hooch in a party of privileged,

Several commentators on India’s growth trajectory have remarked on the dangers, at once economic, social and political, of excessive income and status inequalities. Whereas a modern and properly patriotic middle class would seek to make economic growth inclusive, the bulk of the Indian elite has tended to operate in their own, self-referential, worlds, ignorant or contemptuous of the life and labours of their less fortunate compatriots. To be sure, the IPL has not created or constructed these inequalities — but it has certainly confirmed and consolidated them.

Such comments will be dismissed as old school and 300 million viewers including a few million from our Kochi will tune in to watch the modern-day Nero(s) play fiddle when the rest of country is on fire.