Over the last 60 days of summers, the time of maximum mobility and economic activities has been sacrificed in the Kashmir Valley to the latest uprising. People poured out to the streets, not just from the areas falling under the 5 Police Stations located in the urban pockets as claimed by a senior Journalist on the basis of his agency sources, rather widespread including many semi-urban and rural centres from all the districts of Kashmir Valley demanding “Go India Go”. These angry people were answering bullets and tear gas shells targeted at them with stones.

I was watching a ‘reality show’ titled Citizen Journalist in a Malayalam TV channel. The participant, a young man reported on a colony of adivasis. Supported by effective visuals he showed the deprivation in the area and the utter despair in the life of the people. Strangely the local M.L.A had no knowledge of the area. The people, though poor in every respect, knew that they were remembered only at the time of elections. They knew nothing of their rights. Two of the judges of the show profusely appreciated the young man’s efforts.