I guess it is a visceral reaction. I will stop watching cricket the day Sachin retires. Watching Sachin taking the signature stance after a crotch yank and then driving one straight through was cricketing equivalent of heaven. I don't get same kick watching Dhoni heaving one physics defying helicopter shot or Uthapa slamming a tennis forehand shot over the bowler. On the surface, my aversion to this form of power-cricket seems purely based only on lack of quality in cricket. But there seems to be more to it.

Caesar was one of the early generation computer game, where you play role of a provincial governor of Roman empire; with simple goals to build a Roman city,foster farming, trade and industry, amass money and resources, please your imperialist masters and spread the glory of the empire; do this for all levels and you have built your Eternal city and crowned as Caesar. All this would have been easy if you had infinite supply of money or money making resources and gods were always happy.