The year 2014-15 will be remembered, amongst other events, for the worst imaginable aviation-related tragedies. The disappearance/crash of the Malaysian Airlines MH 370 in deep waters and the equally perplexing, Germanwings Lufthansa's crash in the French Alps have brought to fore, certain pressing questions confronting both the aviation industry, governments and the larger public.

May Day commemorates not victory, but the class struggle. A peaceful demonstration by workers in Chicago resulted in a melee, with bombs thrown by unknown provocateurs and police repression against the workers. The Second International adopted the day of the clash, May 1, as the day for workers across the world to fight for the Eight Hour Day. They had a unified demand. It is what the blood on the streets of Haymarket Square produced.

“Write down two achievements of students' movements in Kerala”. (2 marks)

Ten years back,I blinked at this question and calculated how the loss of two marks will affect my total marks in the social science end term examination. I wondered what sort of a question this is and what the point of such a question is in a social science paper. Why could they not ask me about Salt Satyagraha or Poona Pact? They could have asked me about Boston Tea Party or the various dates of French Revolution. Stupid examiners!