“Write down two achievements of students' movements in Kerala”. (2 marks)

Ten years back,I blinked at this question and calculated how the loss of two marks will affect my total marks in the social science end term examination. I wondered what sort of a question this is and what the point of such a question is in a social science paper. Why could they not ask me about Salt Satyagraha or Poona Pact? They could have asked me about Boston Tea Party or the various dates of French Revolution. Stupid examiners!

So, you believe in gender equality. Your blood boils when you hear about atrocities against women? You took a vow not to take dowry? Did you tell your wife, that you are flexible regarding her decision to work or not? Did you promise her that whether she works or not, you will keep a cook to reduce the drudgery in her life?

Having done the above, do you feel happy that you are a loving, egalitarian, considerate partner?

Of course, many of the above questions are addressed to men.