The regressive elements in society use moral policing as a measure to enforce their code of conduct on society as a whole, thereby inhibiting the individual's freedom of expression. The 'Kiss of Love' protest is an innovative gesture to re-capture the common spaces from the regressive elements. This article is an aggregation of public reactions and press statements to the protest.

My friends have been asking about my opinion regarding the "Kiss of Love" protest being organised in Kochi against the increasing incidents of moral policing in Kerala. Hence this note. There would be people who agree or disagree with any particular mode of protest. However, nobody has the right to stop and attack a protest simply because one has problems with the mode of protest. Those who have disagreements are free to have their opinion, but it is impossible to support the view that anything that some people do not agree with has to be disallowed or repressed. And there is no way one can agree with Hindutva Talibanism.

I was twelve when I was flashed in public for the first time. I was asking for some directions to a well mannered ‘uncle’ and while giving me directions, he lifted up his mundu and gave me my very first view of an erect penis. I remember looking at it, wondering what was wrong with it. As years passed, I would get more glimpses such perverse exhibitionism. Then the gropes began, from light touches to my posterior getting completely grabbed.